Bets on Mixed Martial arts (MMA)

There was a time, not long ago, when professional boxing (or prize fighting) was the premier sporting event to bet on. All the biggest stars would be in work, and casinos all over Nevada 토토사이트,카지노사이 raked in sums of money in table bets. Times have certainly changed, and while there are a few conditions occasionally, the UFC is has ousted boxing from this top spot and has become a huge hit with young, male sports fans. With this new popularity comes the sports better, ready to monetize and make some cash.

It’s not All about the UFC

The marketing minds at the UFC have inked such a fantastic job of promoting their brand anytime the average person ponders fighting nowadays, they automatically think UFC. Contrary to this popular belief, however, there are countless amounts of smaller MMA organizations all over the world, some of which contain the world’s top fighters. If you’re looking into the likelihood of making a few table bets on battles, don’t be too quick to discount these lower-tier organizations–there can be tremendous value provided by times. Most sport books focus the majority of their attention on the UFC, and therefore there are occasions where the chances for a fight in smaller organization are not as sharp. For example, an a current Strikeforce event, most sport books had Gegard Mousasi listed as a 3-1 favorite (or higher) over “King Mo” Lawal. Once the fight begin, however, it quickly became apparent that the sport books had it wrong, as Lawal established his fumbling dominance for the duration and won his proponents a very nice payday.

Originate to the Grappler

In the early days of MMA, it was heavily out-weighed Royce Gracie who used his superior Brazilian jiu jitsu strategy to take his opponents down and force them into submission, catapulting his fighting style into popularity. As the sport has evolved, so has the skill of the fighters and while jiu jitsu remains a critical technique, today’s top fighting style appears to be that of the amateur wrestler. Their strong base and balance, combined with forceful takedowns and body positioning skills permit them to take their opponent to the ground, control them, and ultimately pound them into submission or KO. Fighters like Georges St-Pierre, Brock Lesnar, John Shields and the abovementioned King Mo Lawal are all winners and reinforce this theory. When looking for good bets opportunities, always look for a matchup between a wrestler and an opponent who does not have good takedown defence–you will most certainly have an advantage.

UFC Bets

Having already said that it’s not all about the UFC in the world of MMA, let me now admit that we love a good UFC Event as much as anybody. They have the biggest stars, best production team and put on the biggest events. It’s (mostly) every fighters dream to make it to the UFC, as they will obtain the most exposure and the chance to make the most money possible. Remember, unless your name is Randy Couture, chances are your fighting career won’t last long and this is why it is rather important to make as much money as possible in the short amount of time they may have. Keeping this in mind, I love to bet on fighters who are coming off two or more consecutive losses on the UFC. They know that one more loss will likely earn them a pink slip from the UFC and thus, a dramatic lowering of pay. They will enter the cage with incredible motivation, not likely to end up matched by their opponent, and they’ll also most likely function as the underdog at your sport book, so the potential paydays can be lucrative. Also look to bet against fighters who are making their UFC debut after competing in The japanese for years–they tend to not ticket well in their debuts.

Good luck, and please gamble responsibly!

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