All about winning the lottery – tips

Honestly, there are no surefire tips in winning the lottery. People who sell you books promising to make you a sure winner are only making money out of gullible, foolish people. Understanding and accepting that your odd of winning is one in a million may be one of the most important steps to prevent you from being addicted in the lottery and perhaps save you a lot of money, too. One important tip I can give you is – do not pay just to have tips in winning the lottery.

Be Realistic

If you are really engrossed about winning the lottery, then you should first make sure that you will do so with intelligent reasoning. Do not let your judgment be clouded by being obsessed about winning. You have to understand that you don’t increase your chances even a bit just by obsessing and being so excited about it. You may end up spending all your savings just for tickets that never won and never will. All you will be is disappointed and broke.

Dos and Don’ts

When playing the lottery, especially for “serious” players, you tend to be sentimental about the numbers thai lottery ok free tips you choose. You pick up numbers with some kind of meaning to you such as birthday dates, anniversaries and other special occasions. This may not be a good decision since I’ve never seen a calendar with 45th or 46th day in it. You may not be giving yourself justice by picking up four numbers between 15 and 25. Also, it is a good idea not to pick up numbers that have previously won. Lottery is really random, and same numbers may but not usually come up three days in a row. Also, don’t believe those lottery tips where they give you numbers you should pick or those that give you mathematical formulas to be computed when picking your numbers. All those kinds of tips are trash. No mathematical formula can make you pick the right numbers. For the nth time, the lottery is a random game. Even the balls do not know which of them is going to be picked.

Pick Numbers the Fun Way

While picking significant and sentimental numbers are usually done, there is really nothing bad about it. Just know how to limit yourself. You know you’re not really increasing your chances by picking up numbers that are too close together. A good and fun idea in picking numbers is to “draw” them randomly yourself. You can make a chart with all the numbers in the lottery randomly placed on boxes then point at them with your eyes closed. You can also randomly open book pages with the page numbers included in the lottery. You can also put number on marbles and pick up or make people pick up marbles for you. If you’ve already picked up some numbers, then you just have to fill out the remaining empty slots with the numbers you’ll be getting from these fun suggestions. This way, you are definitely enjoying your own version of a lottery draw. Who knows, with that fun attitude and positive thinking, you might just win the big jackpot!


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