Making money through domain name selling – tips

Do you know what the best way to start making money online is? Many people claim that they know the answer! But that’s because they think about how much money they’re going to make. Most people really don’t think about how much time and effort it takes to run a website and all the costs that are involved.

If you want something that requires very little money, then I suggest that you take a step back and think about all the different aspects there are for running a business for 24 hours and seven days a week. This requires a lot of emails to be sent to your customers telling them when your going to ship their orders. What happens when the item that they best domain brokers ordered is out of stock? You have to send more emails telling them that their item is on backorder. How about if the item has been discontinued? Well that is going to be a big disappointment to your customer especially when they wanted it so bad in the first place.

Do you really want all those headaches or how about something that has no headaches involved? There is a small business that requires very little of your time. In fact, for a price of a haircut you can buy Domain names and sell them on the Internet month after month, year after year. This is such a big business that there are websites where you can list your Domain names, there are even Domain Brokers that would love to list your names.

This business is booming and will get even better in the future no matter how bad the economy gets. All that is required is to bring buyer and seller together. The transaction is so easy because when the buyer agrees to the price that you are selling your Domain name for the money is placed in a escrow account, just like a real estate transaction.

Just think if you bought 10 Domain names every year for the next 10 years you would have 100 products to sell. This is a very smart way of achieving great wealth. You can’t expect to just buy a few names and cash in, it just doesn’t work that way. You must multiply yourself instead of divide. This is just like playing Monopoly. The more property that you own, the more money your going to make. Now doesn’t that make more sense.


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